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Sun 18 Jul 1993

MTS & Wook put in some hammock bolts - MTS failed to get into hammock at all - laugh - well nearly. Dropped a bolard down tiny hole - boo.

Went to the end. Found Lummat's pitch rigged - went down to dead end - grrr. Measured & derigged (9m). Didn't give expected ramp up to continuation on far side - it was a pitch. So went to 9m at the end. MTS & then Wook power-drilled down 20m ramp to big chamber. Passage back led to previous 2 QMs. Passage to R draughted in & led to small pitch. Huge passage forward went about 30m to dead end - grr. Tiny rift on L is t.t. Draught at end came out of roof - bugger. Did soil pitch 1st - easier - unsure of depth/difficulty so bolted it - proved pointless - abbed about 3 feet. More windy passages at bottom ------> lots of draught. 1st rift too tight, lots of sandy passages beyond - goes to a tight, dodgy soily bit to big space - & a 10m pitch.

Went to climb: fairly hard, but had threads at all difficult points. Only went 10m to a big space & more pitch.

Scrofulosity area sketch

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