161 - The Far End

Tue 20 Jul 1993
Pete Lord

Took camping gear down to Beehive and then went caving to utterly the far end. The SRT (Silly Rope Tech) was fairly exciting. With mental rigging leading to some free climbs that shouldn't have been. The "Three Wise Men" rigging in particular was very ... special. We found that we'd managed to lose the Hilti driver, and so decided to rely on the bolting kit that had been left just between TWM. However, on getting there we decided that the bolt driver was missing, so we were completely without any means of putting spits in. Wux & Petel surveyed some scrotty passages & found a pitch (v. tight) with 3s+ drop, whilst MTS rigged another pitch off naturals. By this time we were all shagged, so returned to campsite at Beehive. Having consumed our vestas, we retired - Wux to his thermarest on the ground, MTS & Petel to their hammocks strung off spits across the passage. Seven hours later we arose, with Wux having had 6 hrs of sleep & MTS & Petel having no sleep after being strapped into hammocks. Veggie meals led to another days caving with MTS & Wux surveying whilst Petel descended new scrotty pitch series, left going due to lack of things to rig off. After that days caving we gave up as it was too awful - mud everywhere and no bolting gear (thats why we jacked, honest). So after a thoroughly awful trip out with too many tacklesacks we emerged into the rain. 38 hrs (Wux)

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    161 - The Far End