Plateau - Prospecting above KH

Sun 18 Jul 1993
Julian Todd

Intention was to sort out the '-' signs made by Wookey & co. in the area above the KH system. The first needed 2 ladders + apalling rigging to get to a rocky pit going nowhere. The other entrance from that day (the day before) required an oversuit (essential gear for proper prospecting). A rather snug vertical slot led into a chamber full of rock and gravel avalanches. All the ways on seemed to connect together underneath. I double checked. Then tried to get out and had to send Spencer (who hadn't entered the chamber) up to get the bolting hammer to remove a bit of rock so that I could get out. One final lead was a hole on the ridge near the Hinter. Proper rigging this time with even a lifeline for this 40' hole. Nearly fell through a snowplug at the bottom. Nothing else was down there. ½ hr Spencer

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