161 - Kaninchenhöhle - Gob - survey & derig

Wed 14 Jul 1993
Adam Cooper

We came, we surveyed & we derigged. Nothing too epic happened, the worst being breaking a (measuring) tape whilst trying to plumb a pitch. The 48m rope was found to be on a 52m pitch, which suggests -!. (previously thought to be 45m) It was cold & wet & dark & took ages, but we had a good time until we came out & it was raining.

Postscript - the survey loop with the bottom of Half Shaft was < 0.1% :-)

The 52m pitch is called 'Alexander Technique'. The climb reached after traversing over the top of Alexander Technique was done & a few metres further along the rift, the small passage broke into the side of an aven (drippy). From the survey, this is nowhere near anything already known and should be done.

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