161 - KH Rescue Possé

Mon 19 Jul 1993
Alistair Morris

Wookey woke up at 10 am, we asked "where's Clive ?" - "Um, err, dunno" was the reply. Last saw him at Knossos. He was out of the cave at 4.30 am and back to Top Camp at 5:30am assuming Clive was just prussiking slowly. But no sign. So Julian S disappeared off to the entrance. Me + Julian H followed once it was found that Clive wasn't at base camp. Clive's gear was at the entrance, so we headed off down. We eventually found Clive prussiking up Poxy. He was generally alright having slept for 1/2 hours, got horrendously lost at Boulder Alley. He may write his own bit later. Well I wanted to see KH, but not really this way. Love + hugs, ALI xx

T.U. = 3½ Clive = 27 hours (counted elsewhere)

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    161 - KH Rescue Possé