Elchfalle attempted survey & derig

Sun 02 Aug 1992
Olly Betts

After waiting for Clive to appear so I could go surveying with someone to hold the other end of the tape, we finally got down 183 late in the evening. We reached the bottom, I tried the rift downstream & hated it so came back.


Probably fruitless, but maybe worth a look.

Surveyed to bottom of fifth ie. end of last survey, when as Clive was pulling up the pitch I heard water. "Clive, be quiet a mo." Jangle - jangle. "Clive ..." Gurgh, gurgh, _ splosh _ a torrent suddenly appears "Oh fuck !" Clive attemts to cut the rope which had just caught under a rock, as I prussik up the 5th pitch. At the top, paranoia convinces me the water is increasing, so I tell Clive to get up the rope. We exit quickly, astounded that the entire cave is rigged out of the water. Nice one folks ! I only wish Clive would appear before I start worrying where he's got to, but he's sensibly taking it slowly. Ho hum.

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