Puffball - solo, survey, push, deri, overnight - mega-hero-trip

Sun 02 Aug 1992
Olly Betts

Arrived at Top Camp just as everyone left (I can take a hint) so after sitting in a tent making pancakes in a thunderstorm for the first night I got bored and went caving. Pushed up inlet in entrance slope 'til it got too awful for words (really quite awful, believe me.....), then solo surveyed over top of fisrt pitch to top of Shell. _Don't_ try solo-surveying. If you do, you won't get cold 'cos you'll spend ¾ of the time putting rocks on the end of the tape and walking gently back down the passage praying that it'll stay on. Also a candle makes a good sighting point (lit of course) unless you're in a pitch series. Got bored two legs from end so checked out a daft area and looked at the crawl over the top of Shell. In a maelstrom of ennui I took a bearing along it and went to derig. Derig up to Shell (greasing the bolts !) and finished survey. Entrance rift is paradise with only one baggy. Broke end off tape and dropped ladder spreader and had to go back down for it. That's about it. Oh - exit coincided perfectly with dawn as intended.

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    Puffball - solo, survey, push, deri, overnight - mega-hero-trip
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