Surface - Various holes: Prospecting, (re)numbering and mobile festering

Sat 01 Aug 1992
Olly Betts

to 1992.08.05

Found various caves which were already numbered, renumbered 90/1 = 1623/171. Found & numbered 171b (entrance approx 50m away which connects non-trivially). Numbered 189 ("Glitterstompf") with a "-" because although marked with a "+" on the other side, I don't believe you can say it doesn't go when its so full of snow. (Also renumbered 90/13, 90/14 and 90/15 as 183, 184, 185, (183 and 184 on 92.07.17)) Bottomed 4 blind shafts on walk to 182 (Puffball) _&_ marked with "+"'s. Also found 2 going caves. One is next to 189 & is numbered 190, the other marked "CUCC -" 'cos we've run out of numbers. This one is where the 2 Puffball route variants merge/split. A map:

[grade 1 sketch]

This one has a 2 second drop with a rattle for a bit. Worth a look. I'll draw another map when I find the call-out book (it's sketched on the back).

At long last, here's the picture from the call-out book:

[better grade 1 sketch]

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    Surface - Various holes: Prospecting, (re)numbering and mobile festering