push and survey Burble

Tue 16 Jul 1991

Gill & Henri both desperately keen to go caving so I took them to show how awful it was. Henri came to her senses & jacked at the top of boulder alley.

Gill & I continued & met team Burble A surveying a new conncetion to Exhaustion pitch.

We went to Boulderdash & poked around & fettled Gill's carbide for about an hour - too full error. I find an 8m climb down through boulders under a drip to a severely draughting hole behind some rocks. These were small enough to move so I did & zoomed down some stomping passage - but it choked after 2 zigs (20m) turned round & wondered about draught so went back & following breeze led through 'obviously choked' bit to a sizeable room. This is a gaping QM.
T/U Wook:15 Gill:15 Henri:5.5 (Jacker)


Also poked obvious passage at end 'A'


Needs surveying & is sufficiently complex to need more thorough checking.

There is also a hole in the wall about 10m above A but it is pretty thoroughly inaccessible !

Surveying the chamber (called Boulderdash in survey - but now Repton). Climb down to pitch end needs some sort of aid on it cos its bloody hard.

Went out & surveyed Vom pitch on way out - to connect lead mine survey to Burble crawl. Called Vom as Gill felt ill all the way up.

She was totally shagged on the way out. Good but slow trip. out at 04.30 for dawn.
T/U Wook:15 Gill:15 Henri:5.5 (Jacker)

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