Puffball and Icing Sugar Cave

Mon 08 Jul 1991
Olly Betts

Decided I like the cave, so went back (minus Jon who had damaged his knee), to do some surveying and push the hole. Surveyed for five (yes, 5) hours and got to the bottom of the first rope. God that rift is awful ! Then grabbed some rope and hangers and a bolting kit and continued on down. The hole continues down to a ledge, by a small chamner where a trickle enters high above, where a rebelay was needed. Being lazy, impatient and short of time, I rigged the world's worst deviation which fell off when Gill got on the rope. Never mind. Explored along nasty rift (tip: keep up on hands and knees) - "Tarzan's Folly" - and finally emerged in an impressively high blackened chamber - "The Dark Room". Called Gill to come and look, then got stuck getting back, eventually emerging at 23:15 - call out was 23:00 - Ooops.

Anyhow, Tony, Iain M, Jon and Andy A arrived at about 23:30 and seemed mostly relieved.

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