Surface - plateau-wander

Mon 30 Jul 1990
Adam Cooper

We wandered found a hole, descended it. this was not far from the camp fault (goes thro nr water hole) & is a rift. Numbered 90/9 but not written as no paint. This cave is close to the large bedding cave (which if you know where it is is a good locator). See survey book for a sketch survey & bearings (ha).

Struggled thro more Bunde, via various un-noteworthy pits, moving more "out" on the plateau (ie away from 161). Eventually popped out at an umpromising large breakdown entrance with a low, wide horiz bit just inside. Quickly became 45 degree bouldery slope then canyon. Traversed along top for a while til reached harder bit (woz in T shirt & shorts). Took bearing with view to return (see 2/8/90 trip). This cave called 90/12. Too hot so went to camp. Thundered later.

T/u Jez 15 mins, Adam 35mins

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