Surface - Team plateau explorer

Sat 28 Jul 1990
Francis Turner

Went up to Loserhutte with team Hangglider (& William driving just for added fun) set off for top camp & found a lot of people thinking about going caving. Went with them to 161 & watched while they got changed into nice warm caving gear. took some piccys. Then went off up ridge to HinterSmk

Found one vaguely promising hole, apparently a bedding plane nearly vertical. Went down c.5m could see a good 5m further down & stones thrown indicated more.

Marked Slab nearby with CUCC 90 & left a cairn. Bearings: Bräuning Nase 246° Central Peak of Dachstein 215°. The cave is on the far side of the ridge by an isolated patch of Bunde on a slab. It starts off as a (N-ish) crack in this slab. On way back found humungous hole with snow plug & then a _very_ loose drafting hole. Didn't take bearings because while I tried to chuck a rock down into it most of what I was standing on fell down it. Then came back to Base Camp.

T u/g 10-15 mins.

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