161 - Finishing off Too much too soon

Sun 22 Jul 1990
David Howes

[date deduced to be 1990-07-22 from survey data, Ed.]

The first time Julian took me down flapjack to show me the question mark he found last year I just laughed and thought he was joking. When it entered the rift "no-you go first" I knew he was ! But - three trips later and here I am again!

The three of us left Juliette and Jeremy at the surface on a gorgeous day, with beers at hand, playing with the co-ax and cave radio. The prospect of 16 hours underground again didn't look good!

Following Jeremys advic,... and then ignoring it, we rerigged 'too far too soon' further up the rift to take us further round to the right (Del's idea!) - a much better (and drier) freelang. After two rebelays and 65m later reached a large ledge and two further pitches. Between a little surveying and bolting, managed to keep us all occupied before coming out. after looking around the 'bottom' trying to find a way on.

Well, there was, sort of, after bashing with a hammer and taking off dangly's - a further 10m down through an eye hole and a tiny slit in the floor that opens out into an impenetrable pitch. Verdict? Splooosh! Probably sumps then just _below_ 500m!

Came out slowly and walked down to camp (even slower!) But, a good trip.

T.U. 16 hours

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