Eishohle - Trip into the fridge

Sat 21 Jul 1990
Mark Scott

Bloody long walk up to a titchy entrance for the cave when there were much nicer and bigger entrances scattered about everywhere. Well the entrance has a squalid cold drafty hole about 20' long which proceeded to come to a pitch of solid ice about 40 metres long of 60 degree ice but crampons are great. Very pretty and big chamber but quite cold. lots of pretty stals of ice very good pottering trip very enjoyable but the bloody walk back was too long.

Eishöhle (big entrance with nice tourist plaque) is ~ 20 mins from nipple. Follow red dots to red ski pole and end of path ~ 15 mins for _the_ entrance. Ice screw rebelay recommended.

Could take another SRT rope and do next ice pitch (back + right whilst on first pitch - see the _nasty_ poly rope frozen in situ).

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