161 - Push + survey Julian's route off Flapjack

Thu 19 Jul 1990
Del Robinson

- the Daleswear boys.

Push + survey Julian's route off Flapjack. [tick] vg

Armed only with a small ball of bailing twine our two insomniacs boldly surveyed where other people wouldn't bother caving. However, the Julian hunch has worked once more, and a few bolts and not a little thrutching, find us at the top of a 50m+ pitch. (NB this is not bullshit ! - Hanging in the blackness on the end of a 25-30m piece of string reveals long drops below)

Rocks dropped from a traverse above pitch may produce alarm in some cavers due to the increasingly loud whistling sound produced + consequent BOOOM ! Tee Hee.

- Twine is (approx) easiest route thru rift, and leads to small pitch
- Survey is to pitch head bolt
- In dry conditions, stream trickles down wall so not too wet, but...?

V.nice relaxed trip, no time worries, mix surveying with pushing = ACE!
Brain death at 5 a.m. 2 hrs out from Knossos via Dreamtime.

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