161 - Deep question mark at bottom of flapjack

Sun 15 Jul 1990
David Howes

Oh boy what a long way down, and that's before we start any pushing!

Made a good start by getting lost in star wars/tower blocks but finally arrived at flapjack.

Rigged down to the ledge with sally, a little confused why I needed to use a rope protector. I discovered why on the way out when I found the _other_ bolt so had to faff for ages rerigging and joining Sally to Ernie (9mm)

When I saw Julian's way on I thought he was joking but the tight thrutchy bit did open out to a couple of Small pitches and then entered an interesting rift with multiple false floors, following a stream way. I hope it doesn't head for the sump.

Went zig-zagging down until it was time to bottle - "its like a maze down here" I did say! Taking some thread next time would be an idea. Anyway, its still going - just!

Interesting ceiling and in places, walls, of "pudding stones" and mud.

Thankful at the chance to leave the gear there we made a quick exit to catch Del + Juliette and a lift down to base camp to join the rest of the family who'd arrived over the weekend - BUT WHERE'S ALL THE BEER!?

T.U. 8½ hrs

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