161 - Go to climb at end of Yapate

Sun 15 Jul 1990

(overnight to 16)

On the way popped into side passage before 'over the rainbow'. Found crap bolt & rigged rope from Wook & Dam the year before. Rope too short so tied on another & lobbed off 10m pitch into long rift - 'The Vestibule' choked at one end - pitch at other - left for another day.

Got to Yapate climb ('staircase 36') put on rock boots & went for it - one decent bolt runner 10 ft off floor - 1 crap chock & a dodgy sling - climb wasn't too bad but traverse was slimy & awful - well shitted up !

Anyway - I survived so tied rope to a boulder & Damage came up in wellies - dangly bag unclipped & fell down - traverse was dire - especially as he had to go back to get T.Sack - this then unclipped itself from tow line & so we were both at the top of climb with no gear - Grrr.

IRT used (climbing rope) to retrieve danglys & climb repeated to take off traverse line & retrieve tackle sack. Faff Faff - dire, whinge.

Eventually sorted & still alive so bolted pitch then looked along lots of nice stomping passage 'chicken flied nice'. 150m of this takes you up & then down to 25m pitch 'strange downfall' into large collapse chamber.

Slot in rubble to left of pitch goes down 200m along steeply descending loose rift to climb requiring handline.

Out in 3 hours - well fucked - just in time for dawn. Crashed at 6.00 am.

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