Six go Detackling A Cave

Sun 03 Sep 1989
Tina White

(1) Juliette, Dave, Animal - Down Niflheim

Trip to close the survey loops down Niflheim and to detackle it. 'twas wet, and the slithy cavers did gyre and gymbal on the rope. Dave and Juliette tandemed up the main pitch. Mike surprised Juliette by falling down a small hole, light went out but it didn't hurt so I didn't say anything so Juliette thought "Oh no etc. etc.". Met Tina at the squeeze so over to ----

(2) Jeremy, Tanya, Tina

First off the idea was to be a _second wave_ down the cave. Got to cave just as first wave was going down. Dave not even changed. Oh dear, severe misjudgement of time. Oh well lets tackle haul some gear down. Don't forget stopping at camp for a brew, some pilchards and porridge ! Oh well, 5 O'Clock down teh cave's not _too_ late is it ! Tanya gave me + Jeremy the willies by chucking great boulders down and we couldn't hear anything. Eventually Jeremy prussiked part way up to shout "Tanya, you OK?". I met Mike + co. at the squeeze. Me + Mike detackled Dreamtime. Me + Tanya hauled gear up from bottom of 1st pitch to ledge, Mike helping. Jeremy + Tanya did 2nd pitch. Dave + Jeremy last bit ledge to top of entrance. Tanya had a tackle sack fall on her head. Was v. brave. We all gave a cheer as last bit of cave was detackled. Drank beer at 1 O'clock on hillside, got back 2.30 am !

Dave, Juliette, Animal T/U 11 hours
Tina, Tanya, Jeremy ~ 7 hrs

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