Squeeze bypass

Sun 27 Aug 1989
Del Robinson

Squeeze bypass, down Drunk + Stupid (possibly ?)

Gratuitous trip by Dave H thru squeeze to check happy campers + where's our rope, eh? Oh there isn't any. So Del + Dave wait at 4th pitch while photo trip goes thru. Then down D+S. Ju got off 2nd pitch (20m) halfway down, to find way off with 5m pitch. At bottom of 20m, Dave moved slack in rope around while Del + Juliette rigged down hole in floor - No go Joe (there is a bollard dropped down there, oops sorry!). Down 30m pitch and finally Dave manages Indian Rope Trick to ledge (at +7m). You work out how he did it? Juliette wormed her way up rift (bearing 030°) from bottom of 30m v.tight, climbs. Anyway, Dave the cordless bolter sets off down rift (bearing 190°), 15m pitch to a ledge and carries on.... Oh yes, there is a hammer down there, dropped by nameless woman ! Voice connection from New rift to D+S, no lights so far. Quick out but soaked by afternoon thunderstorm filtering through, so exit to dry change (ooh luvly).

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