photo ds

Sun 03 Sep 1989
Mark Dougherty

Drunk & Stupid Photography / Detackle

Down at 3:30 pm. Smooth trip on the way down; lots of photos (1½ rolls) of most of the best bits. Very impressed with final rift into mud floored chamber; spectacular views. Herad some really incredible sounds at the bottom, We presume that it was from "Thumper the talking sump" at the base of Niflheim. It sounded like a selection of tubular bells playing: a really fantastic phenomenon. Really hard wark detackling: by the time we were out of D&S we had 4 bags of rope, 3 ladders & my camera box. Then came most unwelcome findings "Chris has done a Becka and fallen down the squeeze" etc. etc. (read rescue report for details).

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