Pitch, pitch, pitch,

Fri 01 Sep 1989
Tanya Savage

drip - rain, pour } - WET. Pitch, pitch
bolt / survey Prussic add infinitum

An overnighter. We started fantasising about morning emergences to bright blue skies before we even went in. Zipped downwards, Chris removing even more aluminium from the rack. (Why is it so fascinating + satisfying watching those grooves form ?)

At the Black Lagoon, we avoided the gurgling sump monster - (thumper) and began work. Tanya and Dave braved the ice to survey. Chris and I began bolting - down the end of Wookey's little yummy pipe. Loads of naturals everywhere. Rigged 30m + 20m down 2 pitches from end of pipe but did not reach so out with the Millars hundred. Juliette, anxious to begin knitting socks, knitted rope instead in the crawling pipe. Dave (the cordless drill) now takes over from Chris (natural man) and begins tapping.

Tanya + Chris finish the survey and begin tandem prussicing out of the big wet pitch (both enjoy this lots).

Oh yes ! The mystery note. On arriving at the bottom of Niflheim Dave + Tanya discover a 'cryptic clue'

[sketch of location of note]

"CUCC 1/9/89 Kaninchenhöhle
Dan Mace <address>"

but why ? we know this.

Many suggestions were made. "Dan changed his mind and came down Niflheim, went down pitch X + discovered evidence of French sabotage"
"Dan needed to alert us, but the only bit of paper available is this naff bit" - wrong as today's date.

So French sabotage all the way. Dan + co. discovered a 'mysterious' rope at the bottom of D and S. Obviously French.

So we finally have a connection. Discovered by all above ground, the D.S. lot by studying the survey, the Niflheim lot by Chris's intuition having been told Dan's French sabotage story.

We all met up at the squeeze. I was perplexed, standing at the bottom.

Chris above, Dave below, Tanya between. Deep powerful grunt (assumed to be Dave's feminine gasp in rhythmic sessions).

"Push with your head on her hip" says Chris, Grunt, ahhh...

Was it twins - Dave is a vet, he should know (Dab hand with hauling lambs from sheep (elbow deep)).

The great moment came, Tanya had done a handstand above the pitch !

Dave declares that 'he prefers sheep'. I never knew about these Welsh origins - And anyway, Tanya's hair is fluffier than any sheep. Poor taste, I don't know !

Those fantasies of blue skies must have brought the clouds. But never mind. Austrian old ladies gave chocolate in exchange for tea. Chris - the undernourished look works again (cream cakes and now chocolate) Maybe they feel the need to mother him ?

6 pm - 10 am

_16 hours_

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