The 3½ hr extravagance !

Fri 01 Sep 1989
David Howes

Went up in cars (Chris, Del, Juliette, Jeremy, Adam, Wookey and myself) to discover the 'sprinkling' of snow visible from base camp was, in fact, an enormous amount - 4-6 inches plus drifts ! Jeremy and Adam return to base and we carry on pretending to go caving ! (all but Wookey that is, who really did want to go and collect his trangia + clothes from the camp below Knossus before going home with Del). Even though Wookey was intending to go on his own if no one would come it seemed a pretty good idea for at least one person to go down with him.

After about 45 mins of falling all over the place in the snow drifts (it was in fact a very pretty walk up there!) we got changed + disappeared down the 1st pitch to reemerge 3½ hrs later, Wookey having been all the way down to the camp by Tower Blocks whilst I waited above Knossos. Also rerigged 3/4 pitch to push a large boulder down which was sitting on the rebelay rope to the top of 4th pitch. Pleasant surprise to see Chris and Del and Juliette waiting for us up top.

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