Drunk & Stupid re-rigging + (pushing)

Tue 22 Aug 1989
Julian Todd

Down cave late as usual + shortage of carbide for Chris. Gathered all ropes and ladders we could find on the way and draged them down with ourselves. Put ladders here and there in rift beyond wet nappy chamber, added in extra belay into last large pitch and handlines in freeclimbable approx 45° streamway and in the mud chamber. Tanya set forth back at entrance of mud chamber, Chriss rigged small pitch down the water way at side of mud chamber * and followed water until passage became too tight +. Discovered way on: a hole 15' up on far side of mud chamber. Tanya had an epic at the head of pitch where Chris had added in extra belay (the rock is rotten ! there are no footholds. Important: get _above_ traverse line or you are in for some quite hectic thrutching.) Chris leapfrogged ahead and passed slack on entrance rope through all the rebelays from the bottom to the base of 20 metre pitch by which time it was getting late and his teeth were worn out. Tanya and I took it slow on the way out. Very tedious.

* 3 naturals out of 3 belays ! Shame about the lack of tapes / time to push / number of rubs etc. !

+ only 10" wide - could easily be pushed given sufficient stupidity

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    Drunk & Stupid re-rigging + (pushing)