161 - Team Camping 20-21st Wook's bit

Sun 20 Aug 1989

[also Jez on trip - who is that?]

Team camping trip being organised for a change with gear lists etc. which is fine but results in us being a little slow. Under ground by 12.30. 6 people & 8 bags produces hyper-slow progress & so caught up by team hard (Mark D, Adam & Planc) while Juliette had epics at Knossos pitch head while Joe threw rocks at her in an attempt to help!

Arrived at camp at 6.30ish, brewed up & split into teams. Wook & Del went to survey off Tower Blocks (OLYMPUS series). Jez taught Dave to bolt & went to rerig flapjack. Joe & Juliette went down to help rig 70m (laugh) pitch.

All finished between 11 & 12. Had tea & a fairly warm night. I tried a bivvy bag & was rewarded with a v. soggy sleeping bag (surprise! surprise!)

Next day me, Jez & Dave went to survey bottom after team hard returned at 3 am to tell us of sump (waking all but me). Animal & Del see above, Joe & Juliette went to rig pitch at end of inlet, bolted it but found insufficient string.

Survey team made it to bottom (well only Wooks was stupid enough to go down ridiculously soggy last sump pitch!) Came out in 4 hrs 20 mins including some derigging - all hyper knackered.

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