Surveying Nifleheim

Sat 26 Aug 1989
Juliette Kelly

Surveying Niflheim

Went down to junction below squeeze ahead of another party (or maybe I'm thinking of yesterday's trip down D+S ahead of above trip - too much caving - can't think straight). Started survey at junction and exploring various routes off passageway to Arrow chamber. One off first sharp RH bend (going straight on) appears to be going - yes I know - _not_ helpful - shut up Dave ! Del disappeared down the rift for a while - "its very deep". Juliette was fast realising her artistic skills, when we came to the origin of Niflheim's "wet" bit. Ah! this is why Del's been dragging a plastic bucket down with him (I didn't want to ask - I thought it was the answer to Chris' squits - keep your cave clean; you've heard of the 'pooper scooper' well we've got the 'bucket carry outer' !) Del descended below the water while Juliette put the bucket in position to collect the water to keep darling Del dry - a pity she didn't tell him when it was full. Instead, what was a sprinkle of water became a collected torrent as a _whole_ 30 seconds worth of Niflheim water was deposited on Del's head ! I had a short go at doing the note taking as far as the start of Niflheim and then we had to come out to make the call-out time.

25 points surveyed, the LH route was longer than we'd thought (or I'd remembered) but a pretty good trip !

Time underground 8 hrs.

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