Animal's bit

Sun 20 Aug 1989
Del Robinson

Disposed of Tina at the station, drove up to the plateau, went down RH route to join the underground camping group. Nearly failed to find the camp but fortunately bumped into Del + Wookey coming out fo their obscure bit. Camp was pretty good. Slept to about 8.30 and then faffed for 3 hours before 'going' caving.....

_Del + Animal_

Poking down Wookey's bit:

(a) Very tight muddy inlet on l/hand side gets like Quaking so gave up.

(b) followed route to new pitch but spotted lights below, turned out to be the other side of the flapjack shaft (could spy the blue rope protector).

(c) Back to end of main bit of passageway, joint effort to put one bolt in at pitch but ran out of rope.

Decided to come out early, but kept on catching up with Juliette and Joe so it took 4 hours from the camp to the surface (on full tummies 'cos we had some grub first).

Animal - T/U 24 hours

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