surface - Team surface prospecting (cripples)

Sun 30 Aug 1987
Mike Martin

Walk to Braüning col then follow cairns up toward Vd Schwarzmoos kogel - First explored holes near 0/2 which didn't amount to anything (short thru trip) and required no gear - considered too low and close to Wolfhöhle.

Climbed up to area near 0/1 - Shaft ~40m deep explored by Ian and numbered 156. For sketch see survey data at back giving location of cave.

[ misleading diagram referred to 0/2 with no north arrow ]

Tumbling Boulder Hall was first explored by Jared and then by Mike M. The latter fully appreciating the looseness of the rocks ! Consisted of phreatic uplift passage, 3m diameter, ~45°, ~60m.

[ a sketch ]

Met German/French cavers

We have a problem ! Their survey suggests that they have joined at the Big Pitch in Stellerweg. The description of the passages matches. Unfortunately they have surveyed to 113 and their position of this doesn't correspond to ours. Tomorrow we will have to survey from 144 to Schwarzmooskogeleishöhle to their cave 88 and then if time permits to 113 and 152 - some hope !?!!

Mike M

Surface time 7 hrs.

Time underground Ian ¾ hrs
Jared ¼ hrs
Mike M ¼ hrs - Stopped to graze !

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