surface - prospecting

Mon 31 Aug 1987
Ian Millar

Prospecting area around survey point 0/5 (Austrian). Two caves were found. The cave just above 0/5 survey point, about 20 foot. The other about 100m away slightly up the hill to the left.

157 near survey point.

50 metre shaft with ice plug with way on down between ice and rock. Shaft still going at -50 metres but got too dangerous due to size of slot and loose snow. Bottom could not be seen.

On way out, spotted passage off halfway out, rift like. Went along this to head of pitch of unknown depth. Bolts were spotted and expected to be from Manchester Caving Club. So exit was made.

Keith. Time underground ½ hour.

The other cave had a passage going into the side of the hill. To our left the passage went a short way then a shaft (daylight) was seen, the passage continued but not explored. Straight ahead the passage went about 50 foot to a 30 foot pitch. This was bolted and descended into a large chamber. To the left was another pitch about 30 foot deep, undescended. To the right was a rift, further to the right was another rift with an ice-covered stone floor. There was also another passage next to this which is passed just before you get to the entrance passage - this also looked like it continued. A number was not allocated due to the fact that a car inner tube was found just outside the entrance containing a large quantity of carbide. This is presumed to be from the Manchester University Caving Club. [This is believed to be completely disinformational, Ed.]

Ian. Time underground ½ hour.

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