154 - Hole 154

Wed 02 Sep 1987
Andy Farrow

(+ Andy as 'supervisor' and head sherpa)

By the time everyone was up, food bought, & the injured were tended, it was raining. With great reluctance, people were persuaded to go down holes rather than the bar at the first lull in the rainstorm. Andy led us to the cave which we descended at 4pm. Jared went down pitch first, trying not to dislodge the precarious boulders (especially the one providing the backup belay). Pitch only 15 ft - rift led off but not far before it choked, blocked off according to Jared. Jenny found a drafting slot which she dug out, until rocks started falling on her head. Probably carries on, but too suicidal. Chris found a 1985 vintage Mars Bar wrapper under a rock. Detackled, got a little lost on the way back, & got to the Loser Hut to meet the others, about to start rescuing us (again) at 9. Bar closed, so everyone scoffed Chris' gluhwein in the tent instead, just to annoy the German couple in the caravan next door.

Chris. T/U 2 hrs.

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