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Kaninchenhöhle Picture gallery
The Right Hand Route - from 161a

All these pictures are linked to appropriate pages of the cave description, but are also gathered together here for a visual tour of Kaninchenhöhle. Clicking on an image will take you to a bigger version with descriptive caption and links back to web pages relevant to that picture.

The Right Hand Route - from 161a

Photo - 107k Photo - 64k
161a entrance during
Becka's rescue, 1989
161a entrance pitch
Photo - 16k Photo - 49k
Entrance pitch during
rebolting trip
Automatic Doors Pitch
Photo - 81k Photo - 71k
Automatic Doors from
Big Sainsbury's
Big Sainsbury's

Several routes are possible from Big Sainsbury's. The original way led to the Squeeze and the split into Left and Right Hand routes. This is now more easily (and safely) reached via S'not Pitch and Dewdrop Junction.

Photo - 89k Photo - 108k
The Squeeze Dewdrop Junction

Both ways to the Right Hand Route lead on via the Chunnel

Chunnel Pitch Photo - 68k

Dreamtime was the first route to bypass the Squeeze

Photo - 71k Photo - 64k
Dreamtime Rebelay 5m from bottom of
"Hole in the Roof pitch"

Dreamtime reunites with the main Right Hand Route

Bungalow Pitch Photo - 72k     Photo - 43k Boulder Alley

Photo - 67k Photo - 26k
The way on is
through Star Wars:
Photo - 22k
Photo - 58k
to Carrefour

Photo - 30k
Toilet Block off Carrefour was the first RHRoute campsite:

Photo - 95k

Photo - 44k Photo - 73k
Flapjack-II ends
at Splatdown:
Visited by "The
Bottom Inspectors"

Flapjack is the deepest of several deep side leads. The main way goes north:

Photo - 45k     Photo - 33k

Yapate Inlet

Staircase 36 Photo - 43k Strange Acrossfall Photo - 54k

Photo - 63k Photo - 53k
Formations in Pipeless The Bridge in Pipeless
Photo - 33k Photo - 85k
1994 campsite
in the Beehive
The Beehive climb
Photo - 38k Photo - 29k
Aggy Finn bolting
Three Wise Men
... and crossing
towards "Further"

The "new" (1995-7) cave from 161d
The Lost World and Wheelchair Access series (off Triassic Park)
The Steinschlagschacht (1623/136) route (1997)

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