Groups known to have worked in Totes Gebirge caves

As well as local cavers (who were very few in number in the early years), many cavers from outside Austria have worked in the Totes Gebirge. Those who have been to the western massif (1623 and 1626) are listed here. Following the links will lead to a description of the group and a list of all the publications about the area (with their reference number from Current Titles in Speleology). This is under research, and is very far from complete. However, some articles are here in the archive, in the original language, and a very few are here in english translation. Where these exist, you can follow links to them.

A few groups are still active and have their own web pages - you can follow links to these from here, or there is a page specifically for links to web sites which includes other relevant organisations too.

Local Austrian Groups

Other Austrian Groups and individuals

British Groups

Belgian Groups

French Groups

not quite sure, French or Belgian ?

German Groups and individuals


Italian, Hungarian, Slovak ...

Please also check this page where the links may be more up to date: links to groups active in the area.