Bristol Exploration Club

The Bristol Exploration Club is one of the "elder clubs" of Mendip. They foster their own reputation for worldwide expeditions by their slogan "The BEC gets everywhere" seen on stickers in the most unlikely places :-). They certainly visited the Totes Gebirge of Austria well before expeditionary caving abroad became commonplace.

From 1965 to 1969, the BEC held expeditions to Austria, in the first couple of years working with the Austrians in Raucherkarhöhle, then later doing much work in the already known cave of Ahnenschacht, on the slopes of Schönberg, in the north of the western massif of the Totes Gebirge. This is now a very major system, but even in 1967, it was a very serious proposition, being remote, and with a very deep entrance shaft, which became epic in the wet, especially when tackled on ladders, as was the way in those days.

The BEC's explorations were reported in a series of articles in their frequent (then monthly) newsletter the Belfry Bulletin, as well as in other more widely available journals. Not all references in this list have CTS numbers, as most are too early, and nobody seems inclined to produce retrospective CTS volumes.

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