Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten e.V.

ARGE are camping at the road head carpark for a week which usually coincides with Expo. In 2018 we hosted them with an excellent beer and food event at basecamp.

ARGE are acttive in the area and cooperating on friendly terms with Expo. They have carried out much exploration in the southern area around Stellerweghöhle, including the most major discovery in the plateau in recent years, the connection of the Stellerweghöhle/Eishöhle system to Kaninchenhöhle.

Being based in Stuttgart, they are close enough to the Totes Gebirge that they can come for the weekend. So their Summer week is more of a holiday (with small children and non-caving partners) than a caving expedition. A number of camper-vans congregate in a corner of the carpark at the bergrestaurant (Löer Alm).