University of Leeds Speleological Association

ULSA is one of the bigger and more active of the UK's University caving organisations, and incorporates the (strictly undergraduate) Leeds University Union Speleological Society. Most famous for the large amount of new exploration arising out of an ambitious program to resurvey many of Yorkshire's significant caves in the 1960's, the club has continued to find and survey new cave at home and abroad. The club also has a deserved reputation for high quality publication.

Encouraged by contact with Gunther Graf, ULSA visited the Tauplitz area (east of CUCC's area) in the early eighties. A great deal of shaft bashing was done, but none of the small sub-horizontal draughting entrances which are the most promising on Loser were investigated. The expedition high camp was flattened by a snow storm, and a degree of demoralisation set in. The trip was written up in ULSA Review 16 (CTS ref. 86.1980), but no return trip ever took place.

The ULSA websiteis uploading old publications as and when they go out of print.