Garlic - Fettling

Thu 03 Aug 2023
Joe Stell

Woke up. 10am. It was rainy :(

Nathan ran off to homecoming to try and catch Becca and Botch before they went underground - Adam Aldridge ran after him to take him to the pushing front if they had already gone, apparently they were still there, so Adam left to go prospecting somewhere in the intermittent rain.

Camp fettling was suggested to me before they left - I changed out the old drippy tarp for a slightly bigger, and importantly, waterproof tarp. After this I started drystoning an extension to the kitchen platform. Had fun digging out part of Garlic for materials. Dropped a large rock on my finger which hurt. This did slow progress but I finished the intended extension, hopefully it holds until next expo. Adam returned, quite wet. Nathan did also later. I took some photos and made some shoddy diagrams of the tarps. Good day of fettling.

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