Surface - Prospecting east and south of Kleiner Wildkogel

Wed 02 Aug 2023
Joe Stell

After dropping Buzzard, the fours of us decided to drop down the north face of the ridge, heading east at first, then split to form two prospecting groups, Adam and I heading further east to wrap around to the south face of the ridge, and Nathan and Manfred following the north face westwards to prospect the large, unknown valley beneath us.

We spotted an interesting looking hut halfway up the side of the next peak eastwards (Griesskogel) which we went to look at first. It seems to be some kind of hunters hut; it looks quite new and very well set up, with solar panels, a level, felt platform and even an outhouse. Borrowing the hut to sleep in could be really useful for prospecting in the area but it looks so nice I'm not sure we should really be staying there. There are plenty of promising leads we were unable to drop in this area north of the line between Wild- and Griesskogel so this really could be very useful.

We headed back towards Garlic, having a look at some of the holes we spotted from the ridgetop and some others, finding some promising looking leads that seem to follow a rift along the base of Wildkogel, then back to Garlic camp so as to not miss our callout.

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