Plateau - Sorting more caves

Tue 09 Aug 2022

Headed Balcony-wards to continue OCD work completing previous finds.

2012-NS-15 was first. Tag already present, matching GPS within 10m or so. But leg '20m down' clearly not possible. Rigged off Bunde & sent Dinny down. Did better survey. Cave in a 20m deep [illegible] snow plug. Small hole in [illegible] (~3m) shows a bit of cave passage not actually [illegible] through loose choss, but no draught so not worth returning.

Surveyed, Re-GPSed, photoed. Katasterable.

2012-NS-05 & 2012-NS-06

These two are ~12m apart, so surveyed as one survery.

Tags for both added.

Dinny descended 05. Paul W descended 06. 05 is qute small joint-controlled cave 0.5m width, 1m long & 10m deep under a chockstone.

06 is open rift on joint about 5m long, 3m wide 18m deep. About 8m down a passage heads off to NE along joint.

Gets too tight in 8m in. Probably comes out in diff.

Again descended from Bunde (NE corner).

Both photoed (Wook & Philip) so both Katasterable.

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