Plateau - Finding Orphaned Caves

Mon 08 Aug 2022
Rachel Turnbull

2006-06 Boganhölhe

Originally surveyed 2001, but lost.

We took a picture of the entrance, and resurveyed to both entrances.

Picture by Wookey in Rachel Turnbull file.

Carried on up the hill dropped caves at Top Camp.

Found 2012-NS-13, took picture of enstrance - 292 Motte Hohle. Photos were lost, now in R Turnbull folder [Scanned survey notes, but no actual survey existing, so have resurveyed. By Wookey].

2012-NS-02 - needs to be katastered* (surveyed, photoed, tagged).

2010 - 02 - Resurveyed zigzag cave - Wookey drawing. Photos on Wookey's phone/device.

Wookey continued the next day with Phil + Dinny.

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