Fischgesicht - pushing Kubla Khan

Thu 04 Aug 2022
Rob Watson

Having got used to Fish face yesterday and knowing the way to the leads, it was decided that Becka and I should return to show some students of survey the way of data and drawing. I rebolted the one-bolt wonder 9th pitch (rigged for convenience only) on the way down; had to nick some rope from the base of the previous pitch. Arrived at the pushing front, Amelia lacked sufficient clothing for a tiny woman drawing in the breeze so Becka lent her an extremely unfashionable vest. Becka and Hannah set off down an A lead heading off East (?) while Amelia and I headed off towads a very sediment-filled passage with a very climbable aven heading far away and drafting strongly down. The sediment had carved much pargenesis, with a lovely anastomosing half tube in the ceiling and many roof pendants. The clasts were occasionally very large (5cm diameter) indicating a high energy environment of deposition. We proceeded to destroy history in the name of progress by surveying on the sediment banks to a QMC. We then headed back to the main passage to survey along a fault-guided passage (strike 015, dip 65 degrees East). This fun soon ended when we reached a pitch and had no rope with which to descend it. So we headed off to find the Japers, but no joy there either, as Jonty was busy sinking all the rope into Keanu Breeze (which predictably turned into a pissing wet no-hoper later on). So then headed out after crapping out a number of Luke's leads just by looking at them.

T/U: 8 hours

BECKA note: Becka and Hannah surveyed a complex area that connected back to known passage in 3 locations but via some sections of lovely walking phreas.

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