Fischgesicht - Kubla Khan

Wed 03 Aug 2022
Becka Lawson

Keiran ably guided us to the east QMs at the far south end of Kubla Khan then Andreas and he both did book in ideal passage for practising surveying - sandy floored phreas. We surveyed steadily past a junction (left we surveyed until it ended, mud-filled, this is almost certainly the other end of the mud filled passage on the R of Kubla Khan just before station 5; right was suveyed by Becka and Hannah on 4/8/22.) We continued then started climbing up and ended at a more complex area with a possibly free climbable aven and two horizontal leads (surveyd by Rob and Amelia on 4/8/22). Slow out as 3 teams converged on the pitches and Rob was also rerigging.

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