Top camp - suspended solar panel storage

Thu 04 Aug 2022
Frank Tully

Assisted Martin Green to install solar panel suspension in Traungold.

It is assumed that the solar panel got damaged because it was stored on top of the gear pile and point loaded when the blown in snow consolidated as it melted. There is a ledge on the left but it is known that this gets an ice flow which pushes stuff off it some years, so this is out.

It is intended that the installed ropes are used to suspend the solar panels from the dry roof high enough that they are not buried in snow. Or if powder snow is blown around them it drops away when it consolidated.

1. Basically pack up solar panels in their plywood case,

2. Attach to ends of rope,

3. Haul up into ceiling such the panels remain level and secure.

4. Tie off the ropes on the bolt, on the left wall. (the attached Mallion is a knackered one so try not to remove it).

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