290 - WhichCave - Rigging Amelia's Pitch

Fri 05 Aug 2022

[Editor note - Unknown which cave this is, not identified in this logbook entry or in any scanned notes. It is assumed, purely from the people and the date, that this is the same trip that surveyed Horrorbank in 290.]

Went to bottom for Amelia to rig her 1st pitch. Very windy spot so surveying team (illegible) arses off to about an (illegible) whilst Mealy & Mike started down the pitch. Calibrated disto & fiddled with Topodroid to while away time.

Descended 1st 10m pitch whuich didn't lead to more horizontal (illegible), but (illegible) (much bigger) pitch.

Wookey got very annoyed by topodroid's perverse interface & returned to paper for 2 legs (which it seems TD lost anyway so they had to be re-done!).

Mike took other & did sterling job of desceining ~28m pitch, and then another 20m below to wet sumpy place where water disappeared into crawl. Weather forecast was bad so this was only inspected for ~10m to the point where you would get wet. Deeply unpromising - the big wind had gone (illegible). So that was derigged.

Remaining options are out the col halfway down shaft or swing into the windows at the N end at about the same height.

Long prusik out. Very nice cave!

Rigging guide and plan in hard copy to be scanned and uploaded

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