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Tue 24 Jul 2018
Becka Lawson

No free drills at top camp but Adam and I managed to snaffle the only hand bolting kit (there were two a week ago but...). We split at the head of Hangmans, Adam +1 put in a hand bolt each, courtesy of a pre-naturaldeviation, managed to swing in the big window visible from the rebelay down Hangmans.

We then had >100m of 5m wide phreas drafting strongly in in our face with lots of bat droppings. Towards the end it ramped up steeply then came to a large drippy pitch. A loose looking trove(?) on the right wall would lead lead to the obvious continuation of the phreas but we had no more rope so we headed to the top of Hangmans where we met the others.

George had rigged a 50m rope from the ledge we got to ont he last trip but had reached a freehang of of ~40m that he didn't have rope for. (+ there was apparently a 5s free drop there too). Olly and he surveyed out, met us, then the four of us had a jolly to the snow slope beyond Ice Lock aven. George walked up past Andrew's belay point to the base of the aven where he couldn't safely continue but there was soil and a strong draft so there's hope of an entrance not far above & we should check the LIDAR.

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