Balcony - Hilti-a-Plenty - Galactica

Sun 24 Jul 2016
Ashley Gregg

Went to explore Hilti-a-Plenty and push a pitch discovered by Rob and co. This pitch was eventually named Deep Space 9 - suggested by Rob on a later trip. Martin bolted and rigged, before we descended to a large rocky passage. At the end of this was a promising pitch which Martin began to rig. Meanwhile I started surveying a scrotty side passage.

The side passage was shite for a fair bit before emerging into a sandy chamber. From here an archway led to a massive chamber - Galactica. Petzl Duo could not make out opposite wall, left wall, right wall, ceiling, or floor. Recalling Martin, with spot light could detect walls now. 90m from side to side and 50m to near floor - could not actually make it out. Will need to go back next year.

Concluded the trip by surveying a smaller lead off the first chamber to conclusion. Good 150m of cave surveyed not including mahoosive Galactica. Of course it was the last day of pushing.

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