Balcony Derigging - Hilti-a-Plenty

Mon 25 Jul 2016
Ashley Gregg

Went to show Rob Galactica before then the big derigging began. Derigged Deep Space 9 then the traverse of Om? then Can't Stop Now this is Bat Country. Also finished an odd bit of surveying left behind by Rob from before on the pitch. Then I derigged Hilti-a-Plenty with a tackle bag a tad too small. One rebelay near the top proved particularly difficult to de-rig, resulting in a slip and swing and crash, to my discomfort.

We met Elliott and Michael near the entrance pitch and left them to de-rig this as we headed out. Rob left before Martin and I, dissappearing down the hill rather quickly. We were a bit slower, weighted down with lots of gear. And after today all of Balcony was finally derigged and the derig was completed for this year.

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    Balcony Derigging - Hilti-a-Plenty