Tunnocks, 2-night camp

Mon 04 Jul 2016
Nat Dalton

Callout book entry

07:00 +3

After a fairly restful trip with Haydon down Balcony (pushing londrop). I came back to camp to find Chris attempting to recruit people to go to camp. As he’d only managed to recruit a partially recovered Wookey I reluctantly volunteered to go to camp.

After ~3.5 hours I reached camp and set up the washing line (major task #1). Wookey & Chris set off to fettle Tentacle Traverse whilst I caused havoc by spilling mushroom soup everywhere. After a brief scolding from Chris we ate dinner & went to sleep (n.b. creamy pasta with herbs & risotto travel lunches are very salty).

The following day we up at 6.30 am (!!!) and were caving by 10(?) in massive phreas. Surveying continued until ~9 (an ~11 hour surveying day without significant breaks). We managed to generate more leads than we killed, byepassing a pitch Chris rigged, surveying tunnel sized passage & finding a stream (!!!); a greasy traverse above the stream was deemed to need a rope & we went back to the draughty railway tunnels. After a scary slop (Working time directive), made harder by technical caving boots, Wookey & I started to grumble about dinner, after several more hours we were allowed back for dinner. The following day we went & surveyed ~250m? of passage that was unkillable (Hydra). After a few hours we headed back to camp to be met by Becka, David & a haggard looking Julian. 4.5 hours later saw me catch up with George & Luke who’d been down Champagne on Ice. [Nats boots developed large holes across the toes on this tip, kicking walls hurts with no foot protection]

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