Tunnocks (258)- Champagne on Ice (rigging)

Thu 30 Jun 2016
Becka Lawson

Nat and I had good memories of the leads down Champagne on Ice so we packed four tacklesacks and ~260 rope and started rigging. Missed the 1st two pitches by (something) Tom Claytons sneaky route through boulders below the short climb on the main route. Took turns rigging + cursing the rigging guide which gave no indication of scale + insufficient detail (Nat got particularly) grumpy but after a couple of false drops + some hunting for spits (not helped by thorough greasing of the spits making them near-invisible) we rigged to the bottom + the short traverse beyond.

Redone Rigging guide 2016 - Champagne On Ice

Starting from climb down at Petticoat junction (to avoid first two pitches from Hedonism Highway route)

Champagne on Ice topo1

Champagne on Ice topo2

Champagne on Ice topo3

Champagne on Ice topo4


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