Sat 02 Jul 2016
Haydon Saunders

Went down to Long Drop after Haydons desire to do some f**king caving after ecoli.

First tried to approach pitch from wrong direction after Marks misguided directions from last year and Haydon hanging off questionable naturals. (Hammer and setter may have been left here!).

After continuing to the correct pitch Haydon continued to rig the pitch only to find that the hammer and setter was left at the last pitch. Ash and Sioned retrieved this from the previous pitch while Haydon gardened some sizeable boulders from a ledge 10m down, that Ashley could hear from the other end of Balkonhöhle.

After rope and setter had returned Haydon dropped the pitch to approx 50m and the first main ledge, to continue the next drop having cold grumblings from the top of the pitch (who knows why?).

Ash's perspective continued below:

After Sion and I retrieved the hammer and setter that some numpty had left at the previous traverse (aka Haydon!), Haydon began his dodgy bolting down the pitch. In between, Mark, Sion and I froze at the top of the pitch and quickly got bored. So we decided to do some survey practicing down a side passage of loose rock. After giving up, as using a PDA is a right pain in the arse, we continued to freeze our tits off at the top of the pitch. Eventually the c**nt (Haydon) returned from bolting and we were able to leave this stupid pitch that will be the end of me.

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