Balcony rigging - guide (start of 2016)

Fri 24 Jun 2016
Nat Dalton

After a disgustingly warm carry up the hill with Anthony, Ash & Elliott, Elliott & I decided we still wanted to go caving. We headed over to Balcony with 100m of 11mm snake rope, bolting & surveying kit. Derigging the far too thin, previous rope we set about swinging into windows on the 34m pitch, my only lead from 2014 that hadn't been snaffled. (for good reason after a loose climb & another scary climb (that Elliott went up) it crapped out, giving the grand total of surveyed new passage of ~10m. (swingers) After re-rigging the entrance on speedy 11mm we went for a little bimble & found the natural highs had been derigged. See below for rigging guide.

100m + 20m

~17 hanger required

Balcony rigging guide


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