107 - Old Route

Mon 03 Aug 2015

Decided on a short trip to tie up some loose ends in the old Route. Olly started rigging alon he rift between the p67 and p100 beyond where we got on 19yh July. Meanwhile I showed George the scrotty leads at the end of tubular Bells. Sadly he declared the draftier way too tight to evn get in to. We got a little further down the 'main' passage before reaching a wider bit, then this got way too small. Surveyed ou, and went round the Old Rift route to see if we could hear/see Olly. He had a few bolts still to go, so we took some photos while we waited. Surveyed across to Olly - sadly teh rift did't continue over the pitch. Then Georgeand I went round to Olly's side of teh rift to connect the survey while Olly deriggd behind us. Oly wanted to look at going left from the window between ropeless and Oldroute. i realised this was a 2 person job, so I took a bag out and left them to it. Unfortunately they misscommunicated where to wait, so ended up following me out.

T/U: 4 3/4 hrs Jenny

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